12 BEST Virtual Credit/Debit Cards In 2022

Here we review and compare the Best US Virtual Credit and Debit Card to help you choose the best Virtual Card for your needs:

Unlike a few years ago, people are more willing to withdraw their affinity for bills, receipts and coins to take advantage of the convenience offered by their digital alternative.

Nothing announces how popular digitization has become more than the growing popularity of digital payment systems such as virtual credit and debit cards. The human population is already comfortable with cashless transactions. Now, there are trends that suggest they too are ready to venture into the whole new territory of cardless payments.

As the name suggests, a virtual debit card or a virtual credit card is a card that is conjured up and exists only online. They have a randomly generated 16-digit card number, a CVV number and an expiration date, just like their physical counterpart. These cards are accepted wherever a regular card can be used for transactions.

Virtual Credit Card And Debit Card In USA

These cards are gaining a lot of traction these days for various reasons. For starters, they are useful when shopping online or making one-time purchases.

The process of applying for a virtual card is incredibly convenient and super fast. Most! Since most online sites do not accept credit cards, an individual who does not have a credit card can use their virtual alternative to transact online.

Suffice it to say that virtual payment cards are extremely useful, which explains their growing popularity. So, in this article, we are going to look at some of the best virtual credit/debit cards that you can easily apply for today. The list is curated by popular industry names that have gained a positive reputation because of their safe and reliable nature.

Common questions

Q #1) Do US banks provide virtual credit cards?

Answer: Only three banks in the US offer virtual credit cards to their customers. They are Citibank, Bank of America and Capital One.

Q #2) What is the procedure when applying for a Virtual Credit Card from banks?

Answer: There are two methods to apply for a virtual credit card. First, you can approach the bank directly to get a virtual card. If the bank does not offer this service online, you can obtain a regular credit card linked to the online services of a bank or a third-party payment system that does offer this service.

Q#3) Can Virtual Credit Cards Save You From Scams?

Answer: Virtual credit cards ensure a secure online shopping experience unlike their physical counterpart. It may be safe to enter your credit card information on trusted sites like Amazon or Walmart, but there are some sites that can take advantage of your submitted credit card information.

Virtual credit cards can be used to test the authenticity of these websites, significantly reducing the risk factor associated with them.

Q #4) What are the disadvantages of having a Virtual Credit Card?

Answer: A virtual card cannot be used in physical stores as it is strictly designed to be used for online purchases only. Cards can also be a little inconvenient at times, especially when trying to get a refund for returned items. The buyer must receive payment at the physical store, as the policy requires that an amount cannot be refunded to the buyer through the same online portal.

Q #5) Who can benefit from Virtual Cards?

Answer: Most banks do not issue credit cards to freelancers. As such, virtual credit cards can be extremely beneficial for freelancers, digital marketers, bloggers and writers. These cards can also be used by those without a credit card to access websites that do not accept debit cards.

List Of The Best Virtual Credit Cards

Here is a list of the most popular virtual credit and debit cards:

  1. USA unlocked
  2. Payoneer
  3. net expense
  4. american express
  5. Walmart MoneyCard
  6. LeoPay
  7. EcoPayzGenericName
  8. Blur
  9. EzzoCard
  10. card.com
  11. banking freedom
  12. Net counter



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